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1. Use 1 ply toilet paper as it breaks down in the system better  helping to prevent backups.

2. Use A bacteria treatment EXample... Ridx.. you can use other types of bacteria treatments. this aids in solids to breakdown and prevents biomat from building up.

3. Routine Maintenance this is essential to help prevent problems as well as identifying an issue before you end up with doo doo in your house.

4. Call the professionals if you have an issue or any questions about your septic. This will ensure that you are properly informed. This also will ensure that the repair is done up to codes and will save you time money and even maybe your life.


1. DO NOT flush baby wipes, feminine wipes, cleaning wipes. NO WIPES of any kind. They dont break down in the system and can cause yor septic to back up. Then you will have DOO DOO in your home.

2. DO NOT flush feminine products or condoms down the toilet again this will cause clogs and backups.

3. DO NOT rinse grease down the drains it re solidifies once in the septic. this can cause slow drainage and Backups.

4. DONT TRY TO FIX IT YOURSELF!!!! this is a dangerous thing to do there are toxic gases in there that if not done properly can cause DEATH!!!